About The Company


We are a dynamic Real Estate Management Firm, providing shelter management services for all concerned with the required skills and technical know-how entrenched into moral corporate ethics to deliver quality service. We are referred to as …CENTURYSTONE. CENTURYSTONE is incorporated in Nigeria under the relevant laws of the Federation by the Corporate Affairs Commission to engage in General Real Estate Practice

. We therefore have the great pleasure to present our humble selves: a professional member of relevant regulatory bodies undertaking clear cut professional practices, and also acquaint you with our services with the aim of achieving retainership.

We explore best ways to successfully handle matters relating to all our clients. We hence invite you to tour our unique service template.


OUR MISSION/ VISION To add value to lives through the provision of quality real estate management services, that will evolve us into a world class brand that is proudly Nigerian. CORPORATE ENGAGEMENTS We have had varied degrees of involvement in providing consultancy services to corporate, institutional and private clienteles. However, we feel strongly that given our dimension to the practice of real estate and a divergent from the usual known traditional approach, we would be able to offer value-added, responsive and reliable solutions to your request in this sector. As a deviation from the norm, we leverage effortlessly in tailoring our services to suit the concise need of our clients. This is as a result of the degree of expertise, wealth of experience and scope of services we have attained in this sector. Our turnaround time is an addition to our excellent offers.


OUR APPROACH We render services that transcend physical structures to intangible services of adding value to properties and owners. Our tactic, otherwise known as the ‘PMP model’ depicts our operations and all we do. We are the: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PEOPLE PROPERTY Our primary focus is to acquire property retainership, which distinctively explains our core value as a Corporate & Private Property/Facility Management Consultant.


MANAGEMENT (DEVELOPMENT) To provide unique and quality development and management templates, by placing the client’s interest as our utmost consideration. PEOPLE Alongside service delivery, we look to developing a synergy with our clients, building interpersonal relationships, to merit referrals.


The firm is endowed with practicing qualified professionals with varied specializations. They possess individual related professional skills in Real Estate/Facilities Management, Project Management, Property Development/ Finance, Property Contract Management, Property Insurance, Auctioneering and law which all span into decades of quality service delivery. Working assiduously with support from other sub-management professionals, technical staff and administrative staff to meet and exceed our client’s expectation and earn their trust.


Mr. Joe. E. Cobham  is the Executive Director for Centurystone with a passion for shelter management services (property and facility management) . His ability to manage and deliver satisfactory services to property owners had  become a trustworthy trait for property owners.

With a degree in  Business Administration ,   he is also a Certified American Auctioneer, and  a member  of  Certified Institute of  Auctioneers Nigerian.  Joe is a Chartered Project Management Consultant, Certified Debt Recovery Expert, a licensed Realtor/Estate Manager. 

With over 20 years practicing experience in  the industry , his knowledge  in accounting (ICAN) and as a  certified mediator with Lagos State Multi-Door Court House, has  made   his style and  approach to  make property management  a profitable venture  to his clients. 

BARR (MRS.) B. BAMGBOSE Ikeja, Lagos

Centurystone Realtors are always eager to come to our aid, quality work with charges not exorbitant. The firm is highly recommended.


Okay, Excellent, Commands High Integrity


MRS. H. O. OKEWUNMI Ikoyi, Lagos

People of their words, down to earth, excellent human relation, very reliable and consistent Estate Manager